Separated at birth

So I’m still quite new at this blogging game, and am yet to find my blog voice (or as I like to call it, “bloice”). I mean, I had grand plans to write about science, its depiction in film, etc., but instead here I am doing a post worthy of mX.

But I can’t help sharing something that occurred to me the other night watching Muppet YouTube videos in bed (ah, the infinite possibilities of wireless internet). In particular, this guy, from Mahna Mahna:

Mahna Mahna

…bears a striking resemblence to this guy:

Corey Worthington

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You like the Mahna Mahna muppet (also called Mahna Mahna, apparently. And the pink things are Snowths). Whereas the other guy, well…

But, I implore you to watch another video, Sax and Violence. The way Mahna Mahna butts in and spoils Zoot’s solo? How he constantly ruins everything, with his selfish, ill-thought little party? Think about it.

And please: forgive me Charlie Parker, wherever you are.


So, no doubt you’ve been waiting for the results – well, those of you who didn’t go to the St Kilda Film Festival closing night, hosted by the delightful Julia Zemiro. The answer is no, we didn’t win a prize. Not even the audience-voted award, which was a surprise because…

They loved our film! Both of them, actually: Slapping Christie got a huge response from the crowd, including interpretations we hadn’t considered, and unofficially was one of the most requested films in the festival’s DVD library. And Brett Stanning’s Play was a beacon of light in an otherwise bleak session (not that bleak’s necessarily bad – light and shade, people), with special laughs reserved for yours truly’s bum wiggle.

Overall, a very satisfying experience, a huge buzz, a great way to premiere and a fresh encouragement for future festivals. And just in time too, because Christie will be screening again at 9.30 pm on 8 June as part of the Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF). If you happen to be reading this from the grunge capital, I highly recommend you get yourself down.

Because they’re not flying us over, so someone better represent the poor slapper!

Fest of the best

So the plan was to get all the old Astrocave content back online, plus some exciting new material coming soon! before launching into things properly. Trouble is, getting your new design sorted out, coding stylesheets and uploading images takes a very long time, and really, done is better than perfect. And by that logic, incomplete and imperfect is best of all!

Plus, there’s stuff going on that I should really mention. Namely that Slapping Christie, the short film that I co-produced with Holly Alexander last year, is screening this Friday 9 May at the St Kilda Film Festival.Stephen and Christie
Directed by Mitch Forrester, and written by both Holly and Mitch, it’s about a guy called Stephen (played by Sam Herde), and what he does when his ex-girlfriend Christie (Suzie Stapleton) starts shagging his French housemate (Jonathan Katz). Or, to use one of our many taglines, it’s about the brief period of hatred at the end of a relationship that comes between love and indifference.

You can see it in the festival’s Session 6, at 10.30pm on Friday 9 May, 2008. Buy tickets now!

Or, if that’s too late for you, you can go to Session 5 at 9pm the same night and see Brett Stanning’s charming film Play. Keep an eye out for yours truly appearing as a playful office worker!

There you go, all important, timely stuff. I realise that I’m kind of assuming here that someone’s reading this and actually cares. But you know what they say: dance like nobody’s watching; blog like the whole world is watching.