So, no doubt you’ve been waiting for the results – well, those of you who didn’t go to the St Kilda Film Festival closing night, hosted by the delightful Julia Zemiro. The answer is no, we didn’t win a prize. Not even the audience-voted award, which was a surprise because…

They loved our film! Both of them, actually: Slapping Christie got a huge response from the crowd, including interpretations we hadn’t considered, and unofficially was one of the most requested films in the festival’s DVD library. And Brett Stanning’s Play was a beacon of light in an otherwise bleak session (not that bleak’s necessarily bad – light and shade, people), with special laughs reserved for yours truly’s bum wiggle.

Overall, a very satisfying experience, a huge buzz, a great way to premiere and a fresh encouragement for future festivals. And just in time too, because Christie will be screening again at 9.30 pm on 8 June as part of the Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF). If you happen to be reading this from the grunge capital, I highly recommend you get yourself down.

Because they’re not flying us over, so someone better represent the poor slapper!


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