Dr Chris’s Theory of Everything

The show that has it all. Performed at the 2017 Melbourne Fringe Festival.


“I would like to think this is the direction comedy is going, stepping onward into intellectual discussions as well as lighthearted humour.”—Squirrel Comedy, 19/09/2017

Kitchen Cosmology

The history of the universe told with baked goods. Performed at the 2014 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Kitchen Cosmology

“A well-structured show delivered with clarity of ideas and excellent comic timing”—Squirrel Comedy, 21/09/2014

“A relaxed fusion of stand-up and science”—HANA Theatre Journal, 25/09/2014



A Passage to Parallel Worlds

An interactive installation on the physics and philosophy of the multiverse. Runner-up for Best Live Art at the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Awards.

Parallel worlds

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Watch some of the films I’ve written, directed or produced, including the time travel short, Destination Day.

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Lost in SciLost in Scienceence

News and discussion of science and technology, especially research that has an impact on society. Presented by Chris Lassig, Stu Burns, Claire Farrugia and Manisha Bhardwaj. Listen on 3CR or on iTunes.

enableme podcastenableme podcast—Stroke Foundation

Stroke survivors, health professionals and researchers give practical advice to reclaim your life after stroke. Hosted by Chris Lassig. Listen on SoundCloud or on iTunes.

Supe Yourself (Coming soon)

The science of becoming a superhero! Hosted by Chris Lassig and Mike Patterson.



Hear me talk about science on Lost in Science on Melbourne’s 3CR 855 AM at 8.30 am every Thursday, or on demand at



It’s been a while, but you can find my papers on my Google Scholar page.



  • Higgs boson
  • Kitchen cosmology
  • Build your own time machine
  • Riddles in Wonderland
  • Quantum mechanics made easyish
  • Science of cycling
  • Why the Earth is flat/Science vs pseudoscience