Separated at birth

So I’m still quite new at this blogging game, and am yet to find my blog voice (or as I like to call it, “bloice”). I mean, I had grand plans to write about science, its depiction in film, etc., but instead here I am doing a post worthy of mX.

But I can’t help sharing something that occurred to me the other night watching Muppet YouTube videos in bed (ah, the infinite possibilities of wireless internet). In particular, this guy, from Mahna Mahna:

Mahna Mahna

…bears a striking resemblence to this guy:

Corey Worthington

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You like the Mahna Mahna muppet (also called Mahna Mahna, apparently. And the pink things are Snowths). Whereas the other guy, well…

But, I implore you to watch another video, Sax and Violence. The way Mahna Mahna butts in and spoils Zoot’s solo? How he constantly ruins everything, with his selfish, ill-thought little party? Think about it.

And please: forgive me Charlie Parker, wherever you are.


One thought on “Separated at birth

  1. Update more, dammit!

    And why is it now they’ve charged him they’re not allowed to name him?

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