Destination Boston

Long-time readers – those hypothetical, long-time readers – may remember Destination Day, my short film about a man who travels back in time to change his past, only to run into the woman who made him want to change his past in the first place.

(And no, it’s not possible to talk about time travel plots without tying sentences in knots or giving yourself a headache.)

Well, Destination Day recently screened at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival. And although I couldn’t be there to see it myself, some people who were there have been kind enough to post reviews. Here, in the tradition of Hollywood-style quote mining, are the slightly edited critical reactions:

“This is another Australian entry… The ending of this one pretty much makes it too.”
Film Forager

“* * ¾ (out of four)… The opening hook…is neat… It finishes on a visual gag that’s clever.”
Jay’s Movie Blog

“Tim (Richard Pappas) travels back in time… references Perth’s Destination Day … No one … in the future … Have no interest… Rating (4.9)” (out of 10, I think)
Soresport Movies

“No one in the future have no interest.” That one’s going on the poster!

Now, go read the originals and see if you can come up with your own interpretation.


2 thoughts on “Destination Boston

  1. Interesting that there was such variety in the reviews – the middle guy loved the Taliban film, the last guy hated it, didn’t see what the first guy said.

    Hm, quote mining attempt:

    “the time travel adventures of Tim…before he makes another mistake.”

    “a man traveling back in time to make things work with a girl he likes…a visual gag that’s clever”

    “can we really change the past and have it come out the way we want in the present?…invited time travellers to a gathering…Tim is trying to change the outcome.”

    Heh that last one makes it sound like Tim’s running a really bad SciFi convention, *snerk*

  2. Haha thanks for the link and the quote mining! I’m sorry I didn’t give your film a more elaborate review, but I saw it with so many other films together it was hard to really go into each one. I enjoyed Destination Day a lot- a good premise and a cool, punchy ending. It had the misfortune of being screened next to another film with a similar theme though, which is too bad.

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