Separated at birth

So I’m still quite new at this blogging game, and am yet to find my blog voice (or as I like to call it, “bloice”). I mean, I had grand plans to write about science, its depiction in film, etc., but instead here I am doing a post worthy of mX.

But I can’t help sharing something that occurred to me the other night watching Muppet YouTube videos in bed (ah, the infinite possibilities of wireless internet). In particular, this guy, from Mahna Mahna:

Mahna Mahna

…bears a striking resemblence to this guy:

Corey Worthington

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You like the Mahna Mahna muppet (also called Mahna Mahna, apparently. And the pink things are Snowths). Whereas the other guy, well…

But, I implore you to watch another video, Sax and Violence. The way Mahna Mahna butts in and spoils Zoot’s solo? How he constantly ruins everything, with his selfish, ill-thought little party? Think about it.

And please: forgive me Charlie Parker, wherever you are.