Not related to gastroenteritis…

…although you may change your mind after reading this. You see, last weekend, I attended one of those increasingly popular surprise housewarming parties. My contribution to the festivities? Lolly cake.

Lolly cake, close up

Every nation has its proud culinary traditions. But then there are those tastes that are acquired through the sort of forgiving ignorance that forms the basis of traditional family relationships. Such is lolly cake, New Zealand’s unique amalgam of fruity lollies, malt biscuits and half a tin of condensed milk.

For more information, and a picture of New Zealand’s the world’s longest lolly cake, see Isaac Freeman’s natural history thereof.

There you will also find a link to Star Wars/lolly cake fan-fiction. The internet: truly, the happiest kingdom on Earth.


4 thoughts on “Gastroporn

  1. I am in awe. It looks like a large mammal ate some marshmallows that didn’t agree with it, so it relieved itself in a field of coconut. But in a good way. It looks delicious.

    1. Ah yes, the coconut. Just that little extra touch to class it up.

      But your theory about its origins is intriguing. Being the largest mammal in my immediate vicinity, I think I’ll go and snarf a few packets of Pascalls and see what happens…

    1. Isn’t there a concept that island societies all develop their own bizarre cultures, the more isolated the more bizarre?

      Either that, or it’s lolly manufacturers.

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